About OnlineScratchCards.Net

OnlineScratchCards.net launched in early 2010.  When we started the site we did so because we saw this new and exciting industry being born all around all.  There was a revolution in the way people were playing online games, and there was a perfect synergy found between online games and the common scratch cards we all know and love.

So we started to look into the industry and realized that it was growing, there were new companies being started all the time building software platforms to power new online gaming sites like the new scratch cards site there are today.

OnlineScratchCards.net aims to being the leading objective reviewer of online scratch card sites and instant gaming.  We try and look at all the aspects that make up this world, the software platforms, the actual web sites, the games, news and obviously we will give you our experience playing these cool scratchcard games.

We are working closely with all the major sites to bring you special bonus's and promotions.  In order to stay up to date and receive the best deals in the industry, make sure to sign up to our weekly newsletter.